Coconut Oil is a No-Go for Acne Prone Skin Types & Facial Care

While we absolutely adore coconut oil, we choose NOT to use it in our facial care line. 🙌

#didyouknow that coconut oil, even in its purest state, is a COMEDOGENIC oil and can clog pores, and thus cause breakouts? It ranks one of the highest on the comedogenic scale, along with shea butter.  

What we love to use is organic sunflower oil, as it is high in linoleum acid.  It is one of the most effective ingredients in skincare and helps strengthen the skins barrier while not clogging pores in the least. 

Shop our facial care line today for the purest products you will find!  We highly recommend you shop our Green Tea + Bergamot Face Lotion, Argan Night Cream, and Pure as Silk Lotion - all blended daily and organically in house without any bases used.

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