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Nature's Silk Sun Cream - Zinc Based SPF 35-40

$ 9.00

Nature's Silk Sun Cream is a luxurious way to enrich skin with plant based, organic ingredients while protecting your skin from harmful UV sun rays. Our all natural and organic sun cream is made with carrot seed oil, non-nano zinc, organic sunflower oil, organic aloe juice, and organic yellow beeswax. It is a safe formula for infants. Non-greasy. Absorbs into skin. And lightly scented with organic cucumber for a summery light fragrance (no chemical based sunscreen odors here)!

Green + Lovely's Sun Cream is suitable for those with skin sensitivities, contains natural plant based ingredients and antioxidants, and helps to heal skin while protecting it. Our Nature's Silk Sun Cream is perfect for the face, or an all over body sunscreen. 


* This formula has an SPF of between 35-40, due to the amount of zinc in the formula. Please note it is not lab tested therefore we cannot guarantee the SPF level. We recommend you test this product before long exposure in the sun. 


To Use:
Apply to skin 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after 30-45 minutes of swimming/sweating and reapply every 1-2 hours for maximum protection. Always do a skin test before going into the sun for long, extended periods of time (especially babies/kids). 


Natural Ingredients in our formula containing SPF:

Carrot Seed Oil ~ SPF 40
Carrot seed oil is rich in antioxidants, and naturally contains the maximum amount of SPF.

Non-Nano Zinc ~ a natural mineral that provides wonderful protection from UVA-(type I and II) and has UVB-blocking abilities.




"Great sunscreen. Perfect consistency, not too thick and not too liquid-y. Creamy and very spreadable - goes on clear. Very light-scented but refreshing. So happy this sunscreen, will get the full-size soon. Thank you so much!"


Nature's Silk Sun Cream is stored in a 3 oz recyclable container. 


Pair with our Texturizing Beach Sea Spray for a one of a kind beach experience, wherever you go!



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