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Anti-oxidant Skin Cream - Coffee Wake Me Up Skin Lotion - Under Eye Cream - 2 to 4 oz.

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Wake Me Up Skin Lotion is a rich a luxurious, anti-oxidant rich skin cream infused with premium coffee and green tea extract. It is the perfect tinted moisturizer and can be used as a eye cream for tired, puffy eyes, or as a cellulite fighter to target those areas that need it most. Simply take a small amount and rub away. What's better than this organic and caffeine infused silky skin cream? It smells like your morning latte!

Wake Me Up Skin Lotion is made with organic and plant based ingredients. Our skin cream is made with organic sunflower oil, castor oil (to help aid in toxin removal), organic aloe, organic yellow beeswax, pure non GMO vitamin E tocopherol, coffee, and green tea extracts. 

As a moisturizer, look for plant based, organic and natural ingredients. All of the lotions in our line are made with high amounts of oils versus high amounts of water. This is reflected in the silky luxurious feel of our lotions. They are non greasy and won't leave a heavy after feeling, yet will leave skin super moisturized. Most lotions on the market contain 70%+ water and leave skin feeling dry. Not us!

Plant-based Cellulite Fighting ingredients:
* Premium Coffee - caffeine enriched
* Green Tea Extracts - caffeine and antioxidant enriched
* Castor Seed Oil - to aid in toxin removal
* Cinnamon Bark - helps aid in skin and blood circulation
* Organic Aloe - to heal and provide antioxidants to deep layers of skin
* Vitamin E Tocopherol - pure vitamin E to give skin natural elastin and healing

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~ ZERO synthetic fragrances, colors, mineral oil, and petroleum.
~ Handmade without the use of any pre-manufactured bases. Made with love, start to finish!

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