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by Matt Werbach •

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Stop the Stretch

Keep your skin beautiful throughout your pregnancy By Samantha Heithaus for Green + Lovely (See below for exclusive coupon offer!) Yes. Pregnancy is worth the pain and the wear to the body. Of course it is. But you shouldn’t have to put up with stretch marks and dry, damaged skin. You are going through enough. That’s why I created the Better Than Butter Belly Oil. It’s a safe, high quality, natural solution that keeps your skin deeply moisturized throughout the day with just one after-shower application. And it doesn’t stop at that beautiful belly! It works well on the inner thighs, hips, and breasts – all the areas your pregnancy is impacting your body.      In my opinion, the best part about this oil is its natural, healthy effects. While other brands use mineral oil that leaves your skin undernourished and too dry, we use only the best natural oils. By blending organic virgin coconut oil with organic almond, olive, and sunflower oils, we’ve created an oil that penetrates the farthest layers of your skin to leave you fully nourished and healthy. The non-GMO vitamin E oil is the best solution I’ve found for treating stretch marks and keeping your skin beautiful and supple throughout pregnancy, so there’s a healthy dose in each bottle.  So how does it work and what’s the price, right? Great news. Our 9-oz bottle ($26) will give you six months of daily use. Simply get out of the shower, apply a small amount of the oil to the areas you wish to protect and nourish, and then get on with your day. No reapplying is necessary. The oils will reach your skin’s deepest layers, doing their best to keep you moisturized and stretch-free. Yes, it’s less than $5 a month, and it’s incredibly effective. You deserve a comfortable pregnancy. And when your new one arrives, you deserve to get your old self back, your skin included. You will have enough reminders of your time as a mom-to-be, you don’t need stretch marks to help you remember.  Use code 'FIVEOFF' at check-out for $5 off your order of 1 bottle of our belly oil OR $25 purchase from our store!   So, let’s take a moment to hear what others are saying. These five star sample reviews were taken from Amazon: “Love the smell of this oil. Absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves me feeling moisturized all day long. I apply in the morning and before bed, and have no stretch marks as of 36 weeks!” - Claudia Vega “7 months pregnant and still not a single sign of any stretch marks!!!!!! Love it and it soaks in so quick so there is no greasy feeling.” -Gail Gray “I love it. It leaves the skin nice and soft. I prefer it over the body butters.” - Daiana Mussacchio It’s time to enjoy your pregnancy without worrying about the skin damage. I’m so honored to offer you our Better Than Butter Belly Oil, and please take a moment to view our other fantastic products for mommas!