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by Samantha, green + lovely •  • 2 comments

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Your Delivery Day Hospital Bag Essentials

By Samantha Heithaus There is so much to think about when you’re pregnant. Sometimes I think that “pregnancy brain” isn’t as much a result of hormone changes as it is a natural reaction to having to remember so much darn stuff. The classes, the appointments, the books to read. And these days, many of you have to start worrying about daycare or even preschool before the baby arrives!  This isn’t another thing to remember. Simply slip this list into your “to do” folder or give it a quick screenshot, and you’ll have the bath and baby products you need when the time comes. When you pack your hospital bag, include these Green + Lovely essentials, and you’ll feel cared for – even pampered – as you spend your first hours and days with your newest family member.    If you haven’t heard about our Green + Lovely Belly Oil, you should give our recent blog post a read: Not only will it help you avoid stretch marks and dry irritated skin during your pregnancy, it will also nourish your postpartum skin with the deep penetration of organic and natural ingredients, including that essential non-GMO Vitamin E oil.  Oh, and the Green + Lovely Nipple Balm is a godsend. You are going to ache in so many new ways, the last thing you need is searing pain as you breastfeed. Our natural, organic Nipple Balm allows you to spend your time and energy bonding with your new baby, not wincing in pain. Calendula Salve from Green + Lovely is of the highest quality and effectiveness. It nourishes the skin and treats the most difficult of dry skin issues. For a portable, mess-free experience, use our Calendula Sticks. Just toss one in your hospital bag. You will be so glad you did. Just as the product description says, Smell the Roses Natural Cloth Wipe Spray is a chemical-free and gentle way to rid your baby's bum of dirt, grime, and those messy diaper changes. From day one, it’s a must have. Seriously. It’s gentle enough to spray directly on the dirty area, then you simply wipe it clean!  Now that baby is clean and tidy, use our Green + Lovely Diaper Cream to treat and prevent diaper chafing issues. Your baby’s skin is sensitive and pure, so our cream is made with the gentlest organic and natural ingredients. We’re always Green and we’re always Lovely.  What do you have in your among your hospital bag must-haves? Everyone is a little different, right? If you include these Green + Lovely products in your bag, you’ll be so glad you did, and please, tell us what you think!